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Hino perfect platform for Emergency Service Communications Vehicle

A CSIRO research unit has utilized a Hino 700 Series truck as the platform for which to build a rolling emergency service communications vehicle.

The Emergency Services Integrated Communications (ESIC) vehicles was recently unveiled in Sydney and was designed to supply emergency services with consistent, up-to-date information and connectivity during an emergency, such as floods and fires.


National Safety Agency (NSA) President Des Bahr said there would be no point having all the potentially lifesaving technology on-board, if the actual truck itself couldn’t be depended upon.

“Choosing the Hino truck was an important decision that enables us to get our technology to an emergency in a safe and timely manner,”

“Reliability is paramount as the truck is an all agency, all hazard approach. Agencies rely on us to provide vital assistance, intelligence and capability in crisis situations.

“We also chose Hino due to their global presence. As they are such a well-supported vehicle brand internationally, our prototype reflects a model that can be replicated without the need for modification.”

(Image: National Safety Agency President Des Bahr (left) and Data61 CEO Adrian Turner with the Hino-based Emergency Services Integrated Communications (ESIC) vehicle.)

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