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Virtual reality tour to sell Victorian values to migrants

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THOUSANDS of new migrants will be given a letter outlining values they should abide by now that they have become a Victorian.

The Andrews government will tell new citizens that one law for all, freedom to be yourself, discrimination is not ­acceptable, a fair go for all and for everyone to contribute are non-negotiable.

Multicultural Affairs Minister Robin Scott’s letter — which summarises the Victorian Values Statement — will be handed out at citizenship ceremonies.

And the government will today launch a near $1 million virtual-reality experience to promote migrant stories.

A semi-trailer, “Vicky the Truck”, will visit ethnic enclaves and regional centres in a tour to promote “non-­negotiable Victorian values” and diversity.

It will be launched in Bendigo today — the scene of violent protests over the building of a mosque.

Vicky the Truck and Mr Scott’s letter are all part of the government’s $44 million push to combat ­racial violence, Islamic extremism and the rise of the far-Right.

Mr Scott told the Herald Sun it was the values all Victorians shared that made the state so welcoming to migrants.

“These values are not negotiable — they are what we ­expect of every Victorian and what every Victorian should expect of each other,” he said.

Mr Scott said Vicky was about breaking down barriers and reinforcing the values that everyone shares regardless of religion or place of birth.

A tour of Vicky takes about eight minutes.

The virtual reality experience is designed to put visitors — expected to number 50,000 — in the shoes of migrants.

The stories — including a tale about an Afghan lifeguard — show how migrants have contributed to their new ­communities.