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Next Generation Enforcement Vehicles

Next Generation Enforcement Vehicles

Current police patrol vehicles present a number of issues including lack of officer safety, opportunities to improve productivity as well as the potential for long run cost savings. NSA prides itself by integrating technology into police patrol vehicles which overcome these issues and provide significant benefits to jurisdictions seeking to use cutting edge technology to improve their law enforcement capability.


The Next Generation Enforcement Vehicle has been designed to allow greater functionality whilst reducing clutter inside the cabin. The technology integrated into the vehicle enables more work to be undertaken in the field. A key feature is the 12.1” sunlight readable LCD touch screen which is seamlessly embedded into the dash of the vehicle, providing the management and operation of all the equipment in the car. This design reduces the prospect of injury to the driver compared to stand-alone screens, minimising the risk of the screen acting as a projectile during an accident or hard breaking.


The level of technology integration in the vehicle also provides superior surveillance capability,  including automatic number plate recognition with routine feedback, night vision cameras, speed detection equipment and biometric devices. The intelligent power management system ensures the vehicle battery won’t be affected by the inbuilt technology, whilst the simple to operate single user interface, cabin weapons storage and prisoner cell provide advanced safety for the driver. All equipment used in the Next Generation Enforcement Vehicle is fitted to maintain resale value.

The Next Generation Law Enforcement Vehicle is built and distributed in Australia, Middle East and the United States.

Advanced Technology
Purpose Built
Advanced Technology
Advanced Technology
Purpose Built
  • Latest LED light technology
  • Latest siren technology
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • In Car Live Video and Audio
  • Single User Interface
  • Radar
  • Rugged Keyboard
  • Intelligent Power Management
  • Wireless Communications Network
  • 12.1″ embedded screen
  • Weapons Storage
  • Customised centre console
  • International design standard decal
  • Fitted with 4 lightbar mounted ANPR cameras
  • Each camera consist of an optical lens and an infrared lens
  • Can operate under poor lighting and weather conditions
  • High accuracy and high speed recognition
  • Reads in real time, matching plates to a deployed Hotlist