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NSAeIntel is a NSA-developed web-interface providing organisations with an all-encompassing back-end solution to access information, manage resources and create invaluable reports improving decision making. It offers users a graphical interpretation of the condition of fleet vehicles on multiple levels, including location, technical status and performance.

Supervisors can access real-time data of each patrol vehicle. The system also provides operators with current data and information such as Hotlists.

The software’s reporting function allows supervisors to follow and trace each vehicle’s route and see conducted enforcement activities. Peak times and the frequency of offences and their location can be determined. This provides valuable information on the efficiency of patrols, making NSAeIntel a relevant resource management tool. Vehicles and officers can be deployed accordingly and enable organisations to work more efficient. The system keeps a record of all number plates read by the ANPR cameras, so that even if a plate isn’t linked to an offence when scanned, the information can be accessed when of interest in a future investigation.

NSA has also improved the way organisations monitor and manage the vehicles’ performance. Whilst previous patrol cars had to be physically checked for due services or soft- and hardware updates, NSAeIntel offers this function remotely. System diagnostics alert of necessary adjustments and software updates can be installed without the need to take the cars off the road.